Culinary February at east

01.02.2023 — 26.02.2023

east Restaurant

The "Culinary February" 2023 in the east combines tempting spices and healthy ingredients in delicious menus.

While winter is showing its last throes with cold temperatures, the east kitchen team uses savory and healthy ingredients from seasonal cuisine and advances down-to-earth menus from regional fruits and vegetables to delicious delicacies.

The seasonal calendar of regional ingredients offers fantastic products from local growing areas in February, despite the freezing temperatures. Rustic vegetables such as roots and cabbage are particularly rich in vitamins and minerals.

Intensely tasting black salsify, spicy parsnips, sweet carrots and Jerusalem artichokes or mushrooms are also freshly harvested in winter and enrich each of the February dishes. Hearty types of cabbage such as kale, Brussels sprouts or savoy cabbage will be used in the upcoming weekly menus:

  • February menu from 01/30 to 02/05
    Main character: Brussels sprouts
    EUR 45,00 / person

  • February menu from 02/06 to 02/12
    Main character: Pumpkin
    EUR 45,00 / person

  • February menu from 02/13 to 02/19
    Main character: Jerusalem artichoke
    EUR 45,00 / person
    Go to the Jerusalem artichoke menu

  • February menu from 02/20 to 02/26
    Main character: Kale
    EUR 45,00 / person
    Go to the kale menu

The multi-course menus are exclusively vegetarian.
Each week, the focus is on a different main ingredient that characterizes the menu and distinguishes it in terms of taste.
Furthermore, the kitchen team around Eric Kröber makes use of the seasonal basket of the following regional products:
Mushrooms, chicory, Chinese cabbage, lamb's lettuce, potatoes, leeks, carrots, parsnips, purslane, beetroot, red cabbage, salsify, pointed cabbage, turnips, white cabbage, savoy cabbage and onions.
Apples and pears for dessert.

All menus can be booked by phone: 040 309933 or by email at: Please book the menu by 2.00 pm of the same day.